Raise Smart Kids by Giving the power of Knowledge and Make Strong Bond with kids

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Curated Videos developed by experience team members

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Varied Topic on Vedic/Ancient Math,Visualization of Science, General Knowledge & Activity

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Smart Confident Kids

Be proactive and Talk & Teach your kids daily to setup a mind of think through problems and create solutions.

Ready for future Competitive exam

Early exposure to learning and competition builds confidence and sharpens skills which raise your kids.

Innovative Content Creation Team

Our team consists of experienced and creative educators who are innovative & modern into their approach of content creation.

Power of visualization

Research has shown that kids understand and remember when they are able to see the same in graphically/ video manner.

Sample- What Children will enjoy

In leenbo we provide a variety of subjects and topics for your kid's successful educational foundation, which make your kid fully active, creative, and innovative.

Age : 15 To 16
Space Junk

Lets know about Space Junk.

Age : 12 To 14
Number end with 5

Learn the fast and easy way to square a number ending with 5

Age : 9 To 11
Butterfly Method

Learn a butterfly method TO ADD AND subtract a fraction.

Age : 9 To 11

Lets do addition an easy way

Age : 6 To 8

Lets have fun and do subtraction.

Age : 3 To 5

Lets learn counting with petals.

A Few Words About Us

We are dedicated to providing a wide variety of curated video to parents and their children, while also increasing the knowledge and make strong bond with your children.

Positive parenting develops a feeling of care, courage, responsibility for cooperation, self-esteem and respect in children. Everyday healthy and active interactions fuel up the relationship of parents with the child. Parent's involvement with children also enhances children's social values and behaviour.We embrace innovation-bringing positive and engaging ideas in our subscription services for establishing positive and effective parenting among the parents.

Interact with your kid's, Be an Involved Dad & Mom


Engage in open-ended, free-flowing activities


Introduce child early to coding along with Math & science




In Leenbo we are focusing on build core knowledge of kids not curriculum based education. There are lot of e-educations videos are available however it’s talking the same thing what kids learning in their school, may be coaching also. So that’s become redundant to kids. Our aim is to build core knowledge so kid can understand and remember easily in fun learning way.


Leenbo helps parents to spend quality time with the child as well as to raise a smart, confident and intelligent kid through a fun learning, engaging and age-appropriate video everyday. Discuss curated knowledge boosting topic with your child and strengthen the parent-child relationship while boosting his/her knowledge. Parents can instantly engage with kids without spending time on finding suitable topic daily.

Smart Kids

Bestows Vedic and ancient mathematics like Egyptian, Roma & Greek learnings along with visualization of scientific facts and effects make child smart, confiedent and one step ahead for future competitive examinations.visualization is an effective teaching tool, it enhances attention as it keeps kids focused on the subject matter and communicates a lot of information to brain.


"This is not as usual time of our life. So we have modified our product by removing physical toys and puzzles and make the product 100% digital. Now product price also highly discounted, less than a Burger, Pls subscribe and make strong bonds, raise smart intelligent kids. Please take care of yourself and your loved ones. I know that we're going to get through this, together. All the best!" - Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I Subscribe Leenbo?

In Leenbo, we help parents to bond and spend quality time with children everyday.One Curated Unique-Engaging - Fun Learning - Age Appropriate Video delivered to your sms inbox/Application, so as a parents same topic you can discuss with kids and help them to be smart and prepare for coming days competitive exam by developing good knowledge bank.

When will I start receiving video?

We will delivered first video from the next day of subscription. You will receive an SMS acknowledgement as soon as subscription done. You can check your subscription status from profile menu. 

Can my child do learning through video independently?

Leenbo video lengths arround 2-4 minutes only. We recommend to watch and discuss together parents and kids so bonding increased with kids as well as parents can discuss some added facts and figures related to that topic or share story around that.

Is trial subscription pack available?

You can buy trail subscription pack for one month. Please visit www.leenbo.com and fill the form of monthly product.

Can I change the age group in the middle of subscription?

Yes, you can change the age group in the middle of the subscription.Go to www.leenbo.com then goto profile section then put your registered mobile number and from there you can change your age-group. There is no extra charge for the same.

What will I get in Leenbo subscription?

As per current offer Leenbo can be subscribed three different pack ‑ Monthly, Quarterly and Half Yearly. Everyday one video will be delivered as per subscription tenure except Sunday & national holiday.

Why Leenbo

Everyday spend some quality time while discussing interesting topics with children

Engage children with knowledge boosters to make stronger bond between parents and children

As per the child's age, a knowledge booster will be delivered to your inbox



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